A Short and Long Term Evaluation of along Shore Geomorphological Changes in the Danube Delta

  • Alina-Daiana Spînu
  • Emanuela-Maria Mihailov
  • Luminița Buga
  • Dănuț Diaconeasa National Institute for Marine Research and Development "Grigore Antipa"
Keywords: shoreline, morpho-dynamics, Danube Delta, coastal protection


The Romanian coastline is constantly changing through the action of several factors such as wave height and direction, wind speed, water depth, sediment supply, removal and transport along the coast, strength of tides, rates of relative sea level change, as well as rainfall and the frequency and intensity of extreme meteorological and climate events, including storm surges.

Due to the general structural and geomorphological features and the Danube’s influence, and also the morphodynamic and lithodynamic development of the coastal zone, the Romanian coast can be subdivided into thenorthern and southern parts, separated by a transitional part (between Midia Cape and Singol Cape):

The northern unit - Danube Delta and Razim (Razelm) - Sinoe lagoon shore, with low beaches in the deltaic / lagoon sector, height less than 2.00 m and smooth underwater slopes. It stretches from the Musura Bay to the Midia Cape and has a length of about 160 km, focused on the preservation of nature (Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve - DDBR)

For the better understanding of the short and long term shore evolution several methods were used:

- Analysis of cartographic data, including historical, topographical, hydrological, navigational maps, process that include geo-referencing and digitization;

- Analysis of aerial photos from AUVs and satellite images;

Profile topographic measurements carried out at the hydrographic landmarks and GPS measurements made in the last years during the NIRMD field campaign.

The surveillance of the shoreline evolution based on GPS and remote sensing techniques indicated the need to prioritize shoreline management coastal protection and rehabilitation. For visual representation in a referential plan/configuration and for spatial and temporal analysis , all available information was integrated in a ArcGIS system.

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Spînu, A.-D., Mihailov, E.-M., Buga, L., & Diaconeasa, D. (2018). A Short and Long Term Evaluation of along Shore Geomorphological Changes in the Danube Delta. Revista Cercetări Marine - Revue Recherches Marines - Marine Research Journal, 48(1), 161-170. https://doi.org/10.55268/CM.2018.48.161

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