Report on the state of the marine and coastal environment in 2013

  • S. Nicolaev
  • T. Zaharia
  • L. Alexandrov
  • L. Boicenco
  • V. Coatu
  • D. Diaconeasa
  • C. Dumitrache
  • M. Golumbeanu
  • L. Lazar
  • V. Malciu
  • O. Marin
  • R. Mateescu
  • V. Maximov
  • D. Micu
  • E. Mihailov
  • M. Nenciu
  • V. Nita
  • A. Oros
  • V.V. Patrascu
  • A. Spinu
  • E. Stoica
  • C. Tabarcea
  • F. Timofte
  • D.D. Tiganus National Institute for Marine Research and Development "Grigore Antipa"
Keywords: Black Sea, Romanian coastal area, eutrophication, contamination, biodiversity, endangered species, habitats, protected areas, marine living resources, sustainable development, maritime spatial planning, anthropogenic pressures


The Report on the State of the Marine And Coastal Environment in 2013 is a complex work, summing-up the result of a large team of experts from NIRDEP - NIMRD ”Grigore Antipa”Constanta. It is an overview of the current status of the Romanian Black Sea ecosystem, structured on chapters and substantiated by the most novel scientific data available. The state and evolution trends of the marine and coastal environment in the Vama Veche - 2 Mai Marine Littoral Aquatory (ROSCI0269, under NIMRD’s custody) continued to be monitored in 2013, from the physical, chemical and biological point of view. No extraordinary events, likely to modify/alter marine habitats, were recorded within the Vama Veche - 2 Mai Marine Littoral Aquatory area. The monitoring of the marine environment did not point-out any alarming parameters concerning species and habitats in the reserve. No particular issues were reported in the relationship with tourists in the beach area of the reserve, nor with local authorities, who were supportive with the custodian.
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Nicolaev, S., Zaharia, T., Alexandrov, L., Boicenco, L., Coatu, V., Diaconeasa, D., Dumitrache, C., Golumbeanu, M., Lazar, L., Malciu, V., Marin, O., Mateescu, R., Maximov, V., Micu, D., Mihailov, E., Nenciu, M., Nita, V., Oros, A., Patrascu, V., Spinu, A., Stoica, E., Tabarcea, C., Timofte, F., & Tiganus, D. (2014). Report on the state of the marine and coastal environment in 2013. Revista Cercetări Marine - Revue Recherches Marines - Marine Research Journal, 44(1), 5-135.

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